OYNB Challenge: Day Two

Challenge guided by One Year No Beer website.

Make New Habits

  • What’s the trigger?
  • What reward do I want?
  • What routine can I replace it with?
  • How can I celebrate success?


I am currently in pain, which made for a bad day yesterday. Despite being this, when it came to the magic time of 6pm, my thought process became “de-stress with a beer”. 6pm is when, in pre-covid19 times, I would get home from work. A beer or two would be my stress relief from the day.


I guess to ‘freeze out’ the bad day. In my mind the alcohol would help with the pain I am in, numb it. I would then be able to sleep better. Even though I know the sleep part isn’t how it works.

What Routine Can I Replace It With?

In this case I replaced it with playing a PC game, which took my mind off the alcohol. I also had a tonic water, which I could pretend was a gin and tonic.

Celebrating Success

In this case, the celebration is waking up without feeling worse than I already was.

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