OYNB Challenge: Day Four

Challenge guided by One Year No Beer website.


One thing I have been able to develop over the years is the ability to go to sleep. There once was a time when I’d sit awake for hours worrying about the day, things said, etc. But, as I’ve aged, this has largely gone away.

However, my pre-sleep routine is shocking. Sitting in bed watching endless YouTube videos, which are barely entertaining.

Today’s OYNB exercise is to put together a healthy pre-sleep routine. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Evening exercise – at the moment, walking the dog as part of the Nerd Fitness 5K Challenge preparation.
  • Reading – power up the old Kindle, kick the iPad out of the bedroom, and read in bed.
  • Meditation – I’ve been doing this in the mornings, but I am going to try to move it to the evening to see if it helps.

I would add drinking one of those “soothing” teas, but I’m of an age where ANY liquids too close to bed time and I’ll be peeing most the night. So, I’ll give that one a miss.

Nothing groundbreaking, or exciting, in that list. But, its all better than what I was doing before. Beer, YouTube, poor sleep pattern.