Calming Sunrise (In Dressing Gown & Socks)

126 Days Alcohol Free

Stress has been sucking up any spare mental capacity to create/write. Thoughts of work have been all consuming. Its a phase.

This morning I tried something different. Something I know others do, but never saw how it helped. Instead of giving it a go, I dismissed it for months.

I did the simple thing of standing in my back garden watching the colour of the sky change as the sun rose. Noticing the shades of blues, pinks, the sound of the birds and the silhouette of the tress in front of the skyline.

It was beautiful.

When I came back inside, after about 10 minutes, I felt more rested and calm than I have in a long time. Not even the meditation I’d done earlier this morning was this calming. Even now, an hour later, I have a small smile on my face and feel relaxed.

It was a pleasant surprise. I could go and run off and do the research of the science behind it, but sometimes I just don’t want to know. It would be like learning how a magic trick, that has amazed, is done.

What I don’t recommend is doing it in your dressing gown, with only socks on your feet, in -3 degrees Celsius temperatures. My feet may defrost by Sunday evening. Even Murphy (my trusted Cockapoo) was stood watching me, from the warmth of the house, with a look of “whats the old fool doing now” on his face.