Slippers, Meditation, Vinyl Relaxation & Doing Lockdown 2.0 Wrong

Day 111 Alcohol Free – the nephew of the beast 6 times removed? His neighbour 555 doors down?

None of this is relevant to being alcohol free – although there is a book recommendation below.

This is just the random stuff on my mind first thing in the morning, gathered over the last week. This will give you a sneak peak in to how my mind works, most of the time.


I have come to the realisation that I’m not a slipper man. I’ve lost them twice already. Its not even been 5 days.

My slippers

It has been brought to my attention that they look like orthopaedic shoes, turns out I have no fashion sense either.

Meditation Mantra

I’ve been trying a new meditation practice – The Z Technique. If you’re interested check out Stress Less Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher.

The meditation part works on a mantra. Which, for this exercise, is the word ONE. This morning my brain kept replacing ONE with HAND CREAM.

What is that about? Is it my brain trying to tell me my hands need attention? What do you think – I know its only my left hand, but looks okay to me.

Vinyl Relaxation

I inherited my Grandads vinyl record collection a while back (he’s been gone 25 years) and found this gem of a boxset in it.

Guess what todays work soundtrack is going to be? Do you think they’ll mind if I doze off during yet another Zoom call.

I’m Doing Lockdown Wrong, Again!

Oh FFS I’m doing it all wrong again 😉 Check out this BBC article: Covid-19: ‘Less exercise and more TV’ than first lockdown.

I personally shut down first lockdown – work, tv, sleep, work, tv, sleep (and lots of food).

Now I’m doing everything I was apparently meant to be doing lockdown 1.0. I just can’t keep up with the human race at times

I find your lack of faith disturbing – Darth Vader. That Meditation Blog Post

82 Days Alcohol Free

Lots of thoughts bubbling away in the old noggin today.

Oh, look New Years Eve. Should I write about how I don’t set resolutions – siting all the evidence that they don’t work? There are plenty of other blogs for that.

The one I like at the moment is the feeling of not being unique. That is actually comforting. Knowing I am not alone in the struggle to quit drinking, or the lack of control around food, or being a general emotional wreck.


But the thought I am going to settle on is meditation.

I know it works. I know it brings a sense of calm to my brain. Sometimes it even feels like a natural high. So why the bloody hell am I not doing it more often?

Somewhere in a dark recess of my mind I believe its all woo woo, is one reason.

Also, sitting with my thoughts/feelings and not getting wrapped up in them feels alien. Its uncomfortable not giving in to what I’ve always done. But what I’ve always done isn’t working. Getting wrapped up in the negative thoughts, the worry, the anxiety etc hasn’t worked.

There is a fear that no longer being the person who worries unnecessarily will take a huge part of who I am away.

Meditation means changing who I am. Thats why I don’t do it more often.

But, like Luke did on Dagobah, I need to go in to my Cave of Evil and face what is there. Face who I am and change what is no longer working.