What Others Must Think – Who Cares? Right?

84 Days Alcohol Free

Yesterday, I posted the following to the OYNB Facebook group:

It is completely different to what was left to clear up on Jan 1st 2020. Back then it would have been bottles of beer and Prosecco. With the added bonus of a massive hangover.

This got me wondering, what differences are outsiders seeing? What must they think?

To be honest, what they think doesn’t really matter to me. Giving up booze isn’t about them. But I thought this might be a “fun” little exercise.

Here’s my list, in no particular order. Looking from their perspective.

The dog – Why don’t I go to the pub anymore? I liked the pub, we would walk miles and then I’d get treats and fusses from the people in the pub. I like these chewy bottles though. Good toys.

The corner shop – Has he died? He’s not been in for months to buy booze. In fact he rarely comes in anymore. Should we check up on him? Look at our profits, they’re way down since he stopped buying booze.

The bin men – Thank God we don”t have to lift all those glass bins. These plastic waste bins are far lighter. Must be new people in the house.

The neighbours – His alcoholism must have got so bad he’s now hiding it from the world. Who drinks that much sparkling water? Did he finally bankrupt himself with his drinking? Did he die and no one told us?

The bank – Was he kidnapped? His account isn’t getting as much use. Do we close it down? Contact him to make sure he is ok? Call Liam Neeson to use his specific set of skills to find him?

The reality is that no one has noticed. Part of it, as I said in this post I Don’t Drink. I Will Never Drink Again – The Covid Blessing, is due to not being allowed to socialise. Unless I’m in a particular situation, people are too busy going about their lives to notice.

I guess I’m saying that if you’re considering giving up the booze and are worried about what people will think. Don’t. They have more important things to worry about at the moment. Sounds dismissive, but thats the reality at the moment. Unless you drinking is directly impacting their lives, or they’re close to you, most people won’t notice.

If they do notice and have something negative to say about it, or aren’t supportive, then maybe question their place in your life. They’re probably not the people you need around you.

Here endeth the lecture.

The Nothing Blog Post

83 Days Alcohol Free

Two huge milestones achieved. Getting through Christmas and New Years Eve alcohol free.

To be honest New Years Eve was a doddle, its not something that I celebrate anyway. All that changed was the number at the end of the date – we change the number at the front end everyday.

Christmas Day has traditionally been all about the booze. Starting Christmas Eve. Then in the morning, after walking Murphy, I’d have a whisky or two while prepping the dinner. Then on to the beer – sometimes going to the pub.

Thats how it always was from the age of 18 – well not the cooking bit, that came later.

Not this year. Breaking the hold of alcohol on that one day is probably the biggest achievement of 2020 for me. To be fair though, the bar was pretty low. Putting trousers on most days was an achievement – we’ve all done web calls in PJ bottoms, or just underpants. Haven’t we?

Whats todays blog about? Nothing. I’m tired, grumpy and Murph Dogg has the shits.

On to tomorrow.